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Here Are My Favorite Fun Christmas Resources


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As regular readers know, I have an enormous The Best Places To Learn About Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa list.

I thought people might enjoy seeing a much shorter list of my favorite fun ones:

To start off with, here are some easy tools to send neat and unique holiday greetings through the Web:

Chatty Santa is one of my students’ favorite ways to use English and send holiday e-greetings.

It’s A Message lets you send a personal holiday message, along with images of snow falling on the address of your choices.

Create a personalized snowflake at SnowDays.

Create a Gingerbread Man at TheoWorlds.

Send a Merry Message at Better Homes and Gardens.

Compose a Christmas Carol at ZeFrank.

Write A Holiday “Mad-Lib”: You have a choice of various stories you can choose and turn them into a “Mad Lib.” You can send it via Facebook, or you can download it to your computer. Unfortunately, though, they don’t provide a url address to post.

Gatuno in Christmas is an online video game that offers the challenge of helping Gatuno find a gift for a child. Here’s the walkthrough.

8 Spectacular Christmas Light Shows on YouTube is a fun video collection.

Faces of Santa is a fun slideshow from MSNBC. It shows Santa’s doing strange things around the world.

The 5 Best Toys of All Time is a must-read article from Wired by Jonathan Liu. “Stick” is ranked as number one. I’d also suggest you read his follow-up piece, Get a Kid the 6th Best Toy of All Time.

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