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The Best Sites For Learning About The International Space Station


'RRM Installed onto Permanent Home on the International Space Station' photo (c) 2013, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - license:

With this week’s decision by the Obama Administration to extend the life of the International Space Station until 2024, I figured it was time for me to create a “Best” list on the facility.

It’s a quick one for now, and I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks.  Of course, I invite readers suggestions, too!

Here they are:

Deconstructing The ISS is a neat interactive about the International Space Station from The Washington Post.

I have a ton of videos and images take from the station on The Best Images Taken In Space list.

A Decade on the Fly: Building the International Space Station–Module by Module [Slide Show]

NASA has created an amazing slideshow of the International Space Station compiling photos taking from a recent Soyuz flight.

NASA’s multimedia presentation on the International Space Station provides excellent info.

This MSNBC video showing images of the recently-completed Station is pretty amazing.

The New York Times has a nice interactive timeline called “Assembling The International Space Station.” USA Today has a similar graphic.

The Boston Globe has some pretty amazing images of the International Space Station .

NASA has a great site about the International Space Station.  It has cool images and interviews with astronauts.

The interviews have a closed-captioned option, so that will make it more accessible to English Language Learners.

Google Street View now lets you explore every nook-and-cranny of the International Space Station.

You can read about it at TechCrunch and see the video below:

You might also be interested in A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Space.

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