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Important Info For All Email Subscribers To This Blog (& To Everyone Who Uses Edublogs)


As the nearly 3,000 people who subscribe by email to this blog know, I’ve been using Feedblitz for the past seven years to send out my posts daily by email. Feedblitz is a great tool, and I highly recommend them on The Best Applications For Creating Free Email Newsletters list.

However, in order to use the free Feedblitz service, you need to allow them to put ads in the emails, which is reasonable.

However, thanks to a little nudging from reader Sylvia Duckworth, I re-checked with Edublogs about their email subscriber options. In the past, their system hasn’t let you track the numbers of people who subscribe and only let you send out an email for each post — not a daily post including them all.

So, I just checked with Edublogs and discovered they added both those email subscribers features — and more — a few months ago. All you have to do is go to the Subscriptions tab in your dashboard.

Just another reason why I can’t understand why anyone would use any other tool besides Edublogs to set up their blog.

It seems pretty easy to do, but since I am prone to mess-up even the easiest of technological moves, I’m asking them to “hold my hand” as I make this change. I’m hopeful that I can migrate all the Feedblitz subscribers seamlessly to Edublogs and set it up so new subscribers can easily subscribe to new ad-free daily emails.

I think, though, I’ll need to continue to use Feedblitz for my monthly email newsletters.

I may make this change as quick as today, or may wait a week or two until I can fit it in.

Please, though, let me know if you stop receiving daily emails with the blog posts!


Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Cool! I hate ads as much as you do, Larry, so I’m very happy that you found a solution. Fingers crossed this will work for you and that the transition is a smooth one! Thanks for everything you do for language teachers around the world. A while ago I became annoyed with all of the email notifications of blogs that I have subscribed to so I cancelled all of them except for yours. You always discover the best gems and generously share them. My students thank you as well!

    • Thanks, Sylvia, for such a nice comment. And, thanks again for being the impetus behind me making this change. It may take a while, but once Edublogs and I have it all worked out, I think it will also be a nice model for other Edublogs.


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