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Home Culture Presentations With English Language Learners

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'Pyeongtaek City Cultural Tour - 24 September 2011 - Republic of South Korea' photo (c) 2011, USAG- Humphreys - license:

Having English Language Learners give reports about about their home countries is a fairly typical class assignment. And, for students who are not newcomers, it gets pretty old for them to have to do it every year.

I have students in my ELL Geography class do similar presentations each year, though I try to make it a little different from what they’ve done in the past.

I introduce it as a lesson on “culture” — we discuss what culture is and what would be included as its primary components in any country.

After we make a list, we view this simple slideshow I found on Slideshare:

Then, students create a poster or slideshow highlighting those elements (and any of other ones of their choice that we might have brainstormed) from their home country:

A planning hand-out usually looks something like this:

Make a report on the culture of your home country. Include these elements (feel free to add other ones, too):

• Spoken & Written
• Gestures

Social Organization:
• Who are the most important people in a community and why
• What are the most important groups in a community and why





Form of Government

Last year, students made posters and short oral presentations, which included responding to questions from their classmates:

This year, they made PowerPoints. Here are a few samples, and you can see all of them at our class blog:

I’d love to hear ideas on how to make this lesson better!

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Students just love sharing about their own culture and learning from each other. How to keep this fresh is always top-of-my-mind so thank you for sharing your ideas. A similar concept is “Our Cultural Village” on esolonline. This free resource includes a template for students to make their own presentation on their culture. See

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