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Teacher Leaders Are ‘Hungry To Learn’ is Part Two in my Education Week Teacher series on teacher leadership.

‘Teacher Leadership is the Lifeboat to a Better School’ is the headline of another one of my Education Week Teacher columns.

“Teacher Leadership” is a phrase that’s used a lot, and to not always mean the same thing. It’s particularly important, I think, to talk about it now since Education Secretary Arne Duncan is kicking-off an initiative using the term (you’ll find commentaries on that effort later in this post).

I thought it might be useful to share a few of what I think are the best ones (or, at least, the ones that I think best convey what I think teacher leadership should mean).

To start off, here are two essential “Best” lists:

The Best Resources For Learning Why Teachers Unions Are Important

The Best Resources On Being A Teacherpreneur

Here are my other choices for The Best Posts & Articles On “Teacher Leadership”:

Will Arne Duncan leave a legacy of teacher leadership? is by Barnett Berry.

Does Duncan Believe in ‘Teach to Lead?’ is by Justin Minkel at Education Week.

Rick & Maddie on Sec. Duncan’s Earnest Call for Teacher ‘Leadership’ is from Rick Hess at Education Week. I think Rick Hess is right-on about Arne Duncan’s recent call for “teacher leadership.”

Check out Mary Tedrow’s blog post on the same topic.

Developing Teacher Leadership for the Long Haul is an article I wrote for Education Week Teacher.

Here’s a video presentation I gave as a Keynote at the K-12 Online Conference on the topic, “Developing Leadership in Classrooms, Schools and Communities”:

Leveraging Teacher Leadership is the theme of a recent ASCD Educational Leadership issue.

A Brilliant Management Insight Helps Chipotle Retain Its Best Employees is an interesting article from Business Insider that I think has applications for the development of teacher leadership.

The New York City teachers union reached what appears to be a landmark contract that also includes a career ladder. Especially because of that last feature, I’m going to include these three pieces about the contract in this list:

Pact With New Mayor Would Give N.Y.C. Teachers Raises, Career Ladder is from Ed Week.

A Triumphant Return to Professionalism in New York City is by Diane Ravtich.

Teachers Question Pay-for-Performance Element in Proposed Contract is from The New York Times.

I’ve published a compilation of all my Ed Week posts on teacher and administrator leadership.

USDE Unveils “Teach To Lead”: Do We Really Need Another Online Community To Promote Teacher Leadership?

Career Advancement in the Classroom is by Walt Gardner at Ed Week.

ASCD has published a report on The Teacher Leadership Landscape.

Quote Of The Day: Teacher Leadership

Q & A Collections: Teacher & Administrator Leadership is the headline of my latest column at Education Week Teacher.

It contains links to all my posts from the past four years on Teacher & Administrator Leadership – in one place!

Five Cynical Observations About Teacher Leadership is by Nancy Flanagan.
A Community Organizer’s Definition Of Leadership – How Can It Be Applied To Education? (Part One)

Part Two: A Community Organizer’s Definition Of Leadership – How Can It Be Applied To Education?

“Deeper Learning” In The News Today

Education Week writes about what is – as far as I know – the first research study on “teacher leadership.”

I hope readers will contribute more resources!

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