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A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism – Help Me Find More

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Issues of race and racism are critical for us to discuss and act on in our classrooms, among the teaching profession, and in society.

I’ve posted a number of useful related resources over the years, and I thought this would be a good time to bring them all together and to also invite readers to contribute more.

Here are my choices, so far, for inclusion in A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism:

The Best Posts, Articles & Lesson Plans On The Jordan Davis Tragedy & Verdict: Our “Classrooms Are Full Of Him”

The Best Resources For Lessons On Trayvon Martin

The Best Commentaries On The 60th Anniversary Of Brown vs. Board Of Education

How Many Of Our Students Feel This Way? (Resources On The Shooting Death of Michael Brown)

Ta-Nehisi Coates On “Elegant Racism”

Quote Of The Day: “Why Are Teachers Of Color Missing In Teacher Of The Year Selection?”

“Looting” In Haiti?

I’ve used these two videos in class:

3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Talking About Race is from NPR.

Why students need more Black and Latino teachers is by José Luis Vilson.

US teachers nowhere as diverse as their students is from The Associated Press.

America’s real racism problem doesn’t look like Donald Sterling is from Vox.

Text to Text | ‘Huckleberry Finn’ and ‘In Defense of a Loaded Word’ is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Race Still Matters: Why class-based affirmative action won’t heal our racial disparities is from Slate.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: How To Tell If You’re a Racist Like Donald Sterling is from TIME.

Paul Thomas has posted some good Toni Morrison videos on her blog.

Racism 101: Let’s Talk About Diversity and Prejudice in America’s Public Schools
is from The Pacific Standard.

The 9 Most Influential Works of Scientific Racism, Ranked is from io9.

The Ultimate, Crystal-Clear Guide to What Racism Is is from GoKicker.


You may have already heard about, or read, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article in The Atlantic titled “The Case for Reparations.”

It’s an amazing article, and Bill Moyers just aired an interview with him about it, which I’ve embedded below:

In addition, Moyers posted These Eight Charts Show Why Racial Equality Is a Myth in America on his site.

You might also find The New Republic’s piece, Get Ready for a National Debate About Slavery Reparations, useful.

Also, this: How To Tell Who Hasn’t Read The New ‘Atlantic’ Cover Story, from NPR.

Slavery reparations are workable and affordable is from Vox.

Eric Holder wants to talk about ‘subtle’ discrimination. This is what he means. is from The Washington Post.

Does It Matter if Schools Are Racially Integrated? is from NPR.

You can be a beneficiary of racism even if you’re not a racist is from Vox.

Six times victims have received reparations — including four in the US is from Vox.

Why white folks shouldn’t fear reparations is from The Week.

For Black Kids in America, a Degree Is No Guarantee is from The Atlantic.

Over at Vox, Ezra Klein interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates about his article, “The Case for Reparations.”

I’ve embedded the video below, but Vox has a nice interactive table of contents that might make it more useful — especially if you don’t have an hour to watch the whole thing.

White People Think One Black Person’s Success Proves Racism Is Over is from The Huffington Post.

What Is Your Race? For Millions Of Americans, A Shifting Answer is from NPR.

Are Reparations Due to African-Americans? is from The New York Times.

Q&A: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations, Ignorant Journalism, and Whether He Talks to President Obama appeared in The New Republic.

If Affirmative Action Is Doomed, What’s Next? is from The New York Times.

Here’s a commentary on that piece:

In Landmark Decision, U.S. Patent Office Cancels Trademark For Redskins Football Team is from Think Progress.

Here’s a related video:

Advocacy in the Age of Colorblindness is by Stephanie Rivera.

How Race-Studies Scholars Can Respond to Their Haters

How Racism Invented Race in America
is from The Atlantic.

Dress Codes For Success is from Latino USA.

The segregation of kindergartners — by the numbers is from The Washington Post.

Why we still need affirmative action for African Americans in college admissions is from The Washington Post.

The Major Disadvantage Facing Black Students, Even In Kindergarten is from The Huffington Post.

Everyone does drugs, but only minorities are punished for it is from Vox.

Most Americans Think Racial Discrimination Doesn’t Matter Much Anymore is from Mother Jones.

Here’s some good advice for those of us who are not members of an ethnic minority:

A basic flaw in the argument against affirmative action is from The Washington Post.

The Rise of Respectability Politics is from Dissent.

Why I don’t hyphenate Chinese American is from TIME.

The Black and Smart blog is a must-read.

Student: My school district hires too many white teachers is from The Washington Post.

Pulitzer-prize winning author Junot Díaz on the power of culture.

The Return of School Segregation in Eight Charts is from PBS.

15 Charts That Prove We’re Far From Post-Racial is from The Huffington Post.

10 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Racism To People Who Claim They’re Colorblind is from The Atlanta Black Star.

NEA Report: Lack of Teacher Diversity Jeopardizes Student Achievement is from NEA Today.

My son has been suspended five times. He’s 3. is from The Washington Post.

On the Importance of Mirrors for Students (and Teachers) appeared in The Huffington Post.

White People Are Fine With Laws That Harm Blacks is from Slate.

Telling white people the criminal justice system is racist makes them like it more is from Vox.

White people are winning the war on whites is from The Washington Post.

War Against Whites? I Think Not is by Charles M. Blow in The NY Times.

How Boston Public Schools Can Recruit and Retain Black Male Teachers is from The Shanker Blog.

What ‘War On Whites’? is from The Washington Post.

How Many Of Our Students Feel This Way? (Resources On The Shooting Death of Michael Brown)

Poverty and Race in America, Then and Now is a very useful interactive.

“Please Don’t Ask Me That Question Again!” is from Black & Smart.

Why Educators Need to Step Up and Address Racial Injustice is by Melinda Anderson.

The racism of the US criminal justice system in 10 charts is from Vox.

America’s Racial Divide, Charted is from The New York Times.

Ferguson, Watts and a Dream Deferred is also from The New York Times.

The black-white gap in life expectancy is narrowing — but it’s still too wide is from Vox.

Gordon Parks’ 1950s Photo Essay On Civil Rights-Era America Is As Relevant As Ever is from The Huffington Post.

This is a great Louis CK piece on race. He says two classroom inappropriate words, but they are beeped-out:

Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends is from The Washington Post.

For first time, minority students expected to be majority in U.S. public schools this fall is from The Washington Post.

Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?
is by Nicholas Kristof at The New York Times.

Navajo Kindergartener Told to Cut his Hair, Sent Home on First Day of School is from Color Lines.

Teachers, T-Shirts & The Messages That They Send

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 2 is by Nicholas Kristof at The New York Times.

White People’s Obsession with Reverse Racism

Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends is from The Washington Post.

Mapping the counties where public-school children still remain segregated is from The Washington Post.

Here’s an important video:

And here’s some additional information related to the video.

The New Racism is from Slate.

Negrophobia: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and America’s Fear of Black People is from TIME.

What The Economist should have read before suggesting that US slavery wasn’t always so bad

Racial Profiling Curriculum, Resources & Know Your Rights is from the NAACP. I’m using some of their resources here in my IB Theory of Knowledge class when we examine racial profiling.

Study finds range of skills students taught in school linked to race and class size is from Eureka Alert.

You really can get pulled over for driving while black, federal statistics show is from The Washington Post.

America’s Unspoken Education Issue: Black Kids Need Black Teachers is by Melinda Anderson.

This initial list is just the tip of the iceberg. Please contribute your ideas for additions to this list….

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. Here’s another resource: I’m neither as well known nor as articulate as Ta-Nehisi Coates, but I’ve been writing about race from a perspective most people haven’t been talking about–comparing how race has been treated historically in the case of Jews and African Americans in the US. I think our history as taught really obscures how central government policy was (in the North!) to allowing Jews and Catholics to become white while preventing African Americans from achieving the same status.

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