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How Useful Is The LinkedIn Publishing Platform & LinkedIn Generally?


LinkedIn has now opened up its publishing platform to 15 million people. In other words, if you’re a LinkedIn member, you can now blog with it.

I have no idea how important or useful that is, and hope that readers will enlighten me.

In fact, though I’m a LinkedIn member and connect back to anyone who requests one — as long as they have some relationship to education — I’m still not clear what LinkedIn “does.”

The only thing that I have found useful on it is David Deubelbeiss’ ELT Professionals Around The World group, which seems to have some useful conversations (I’m just a lurker there).

Tell me what I’m missing, if anything. Should I share posts from this blog there? Should I write some original articles on their platform? Are the people on LinkedIn really different from those on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook?

Is the advice in this piece, LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform: Pros, Cons and Generating more Content, good or bad?

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi Larry,

    Good questions and I’m like yourself, kind of on the fence and in some ways, wondering where LinkedIn is going. Recommend that article on the pros / cons of the blogging platform. Excellent advice/synopsis.

    I do know that a certain type of professional does prefer LinkedIn and the groups are useful for pointed discussion on job related issues. Thanks for mentioning my own group – takes some work to keep the discussions focused, keep all the spam out and generate community. That’s key, even with such a powerful thing as LinkedIn, still need people there who manage and nurture. Too many LinkedIn groups have become just marketing bulletin boards. LinkedIn does offer powerful apps and notifications (but some major complaints with their recent changes to short snippets only sent to our inboxes, forcing members to return to LinkedIn). I’ve moved there for conversation on / about ELT because that’s where the seed grew – must be something to it, we have thousands of comments on some discussions and the sharing of knowledge is outstanding. But also like so much social networking, so much does get buried, lost, ploughed under …. guess that is the nature of the beast.

    I’m also confused how the LinkedIn acquisition of slideshare fits into things? Anyone with some thoughts on that would be welcomed.

    I like the blogging platform LinkedIn has built

  2. Hey Larry! In response to your post on the usefulness of Linkedin, I have found that Educators ARE growing in numbers in this platform. If I were the educational leader that YOU are, I would definitely repost your articles, blogs, and thoughts on there. I have learned that being connected on all the platforms helps me be more informed and aware of educational trends. I don’t think I see you on Twitter; is that right?


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