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  1. In Brazil we learn english at school, not spanish. Everybody knows at least a little bit of english, but to find someone who really knows how to speak spanish is very rare.

    • and viceversa. . Everybody knows at least a little bit of Spanish, but to find someone who really knows how to speak English is very rare. Not even 2% of Brazilians are proficient in English.

  2. The language portunol doesn’t exist officially. If exists, I don’t know and so I would like to know more about this.
    Thanks and congratulation for article!

  3. Malagasy is not Madagascar┬┤s second language. It is its first one.

  4. The information about Brazil is so wrong. Our second language is English. Where did you get your information from??

  5. Way├║u is the second language in Colombia too. I honestly don’t know why Colombia was left blank.

  6. As for the UK, the result is most probably wrong and the 2nd language is Welsh unless the official number of Poles in the UK is vastly underestimated. The UK Office for National Statistics says there are 637,000 Poles in the UK (in 2013) – but the 2011 Census says there were 562,000 Welsh speakers in Wales (the Census doesn’t ask about languages in England – only place of birth) and there are estimated to be a further 150,000 Welsh speakers in England.

    So that’s 712,000 Welsh speakers vs. 637,000 Poles in the UK; a country whose census does not ask what number of people other than Poles can speak Polish, so there’s no way of knowing that.

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