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Last week I published a popular post titled “The True Size Of” Is A Must-Use Site In Every Geography Class about a new site that lets you easily compare – accurately – the sizes of different countries.

Reader John Padula then left a comment mentioning that there were also two similar sites, so I thought a short “Best” list would be in order.

“If It Were My Home” is a site that I’ve previously written about:

“If It Were My Home” is a neat interactive that compares the standard of living in the United States to any other country of your choice. The site also has some other neat features.

I realized that it allowed you to compare statistics, but I didn’t realize, as John wrote, “if you allow it to determine your location, superimposes any region right on top of where you are.

He also wrote about a site that was completely new to me called Comparea.

Your World Map is Hiding Something is a very useful interactive from Metrocosm which allows you – with a click of a button – to compare different kids of popular (and not-so-popular) world map projections.

Overlap Maps

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