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The Best Resources For Helping Students Learn How Best To Study

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Though I’ve expressed concerns (The “Best Learning Techniques” Are Useless If Students Won’t Do Them — A Critical Take On A Well Done Study) about all the work put into researching the best ways to study while putting less effort into exploring how we can effectively encourage students to care about doing it in the first place, I think there are some good resources out there that are accessible and useful in the classroom.

Here are three that I’ve recently used with both my own grandchildren and with my IB Theory of Knowledge class:

What Works, What Doesn’t is from The Scientific American.

Are some ways of studying better than others? is from PERTS.

This great video on best ways to study is not embeddable, but just click on the link:

Pro Tips: How to Study from EEB 96A on Vimeo.


How should students revise? A brief guide is from Carl Hendrick.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. Hey Larry – great article. Glad to hear someone else saying that while we have learned a lot about how students SHOULD study, it’s of no use if students don’t use the techniques – and they won’t use the techniques unless we reward them for doing so. Feel free to add my podcast episode on this topic:

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