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Depressing Statistic Of The Day: Many White Teachers Have Low Expectations Of Black Students


White teachers and black teachers have different expectations for black students is the headline of a Washington Post article headlined White teachers and black teachers have different expectations for black students.

Here’s an excerpt:


I’m adding it to A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi, my name is Jim Mandas and I am a History Education major at Illinois State University. I am almost 23 years old and have never had a black teacher. In class, we learned that 90 percent of high school teachers in America are white, and teaching is the largest profession in America, employing roughly 3 million people. If that statistic is true, that means that there are 2.7 million white high school teachers. I am curious of the correlation here, because all my teachers teachers in high school, with 2 exceptions, were white (Crystal Lake, IL). Also, ISU is a proudly diverse school, but there is only one black student in my teaching class and he is not originally from America. This is unfortunate, because I have had a good deal of teachers in college who were very well educated and had good intentions, but their English was god awful.

  2. The statistic of white teachers in this country is staggering. I hope we can see more diverse classrooms in my career, with teachers helping each other speaking correct English.

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