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I thought readers might find it useful for me to share all the excerpts that have been published in various outlets, and putting them together in one place. I think one more is going to be published in The Washington Post soon:


Edutopia published three excerpts related to writing…

Common Core Writing & ELLs

Collaborative Writing, Common Core, and ELLs

Peer Review, Common Core, and ELLs


Middleweb published an extensive excerpt on reading…

Ideas for “Close Reading” with ELL Students (it also has a “bonus” excerpt on “ELL Students & Reading for Pleasure”)


Education Week published two excerpts on speaking and listening…

Helping English-Learners Meet the Common-Core’s Speaking and Listening Standards

Chat Stations, Predictions, and ‘Wingmen’: More Speaking and Listening Activities for ELLs


MindShift published an excerpt related to SEL…

How to Cultivate Student Agency in English Language Learners