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The Best Resources For “Do Now” Activities To Begin A Class



“Do Now,” “Walk-In Procedures,” or “Warm-Ups” – they are names for activities that students begin to do right at the beginning of class or, as we try to do in our school, three minutes prior to the bell ringing.

There are lots of options for them. In my English and Social Science classes, students have a book they’re reading and they read silently for five-to-ten minutes. In my IB Theory of Knowledge class, there is generally a “Warm-Up” activity on the board requiring them to write a short response. Afterwards, we divide into six groups to share.

Here are ideas from others for these kinds of openings (please share your own in the comments section):

KQED has a great series of Do Now activities, along with instructions on how to use them.
The Do Now: A Primer is from Doug Lemov.

Doug shares some great Science Do Nows here.

The “Do Now” or “Do Never”? is by David Ginsburg.

Here’s a clip from the Teaching Channel:


The Power of a Do Now is from Amy Louise Haywood.

Teachers: here’s how to get your lessons off to a flying start is from The Guardian.

Harvard Business Review Lays-Out A Good Three-Step Process To Introduce A Lesson

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