Our district is taking baby steps towards using Google Classroom, and I thought it would be a good time to begin a related “Best” list.

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Here are my choices for Google Classroom resources:

You have to start with Alice Keeler, and these two links are good places to begin.

Of course, Vicki Davis’ 100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators is the other key treasure trove.

You probably don’t need to look any further than the sites of those two great educators but, if you’re interested, here are a couple more:

Learn Google Classroom is from Ed Tech Teacher.

Everything You Need To Know In Google Classroom Part One and Part Two.

This Is Intriguing – Now Anyone Can Create A Class In Google Classroom

Welcome to your first day of Classroom is from Google Ed.

A Google Classroom Cheat Sheet is from Tech Tips 411.

Google Classroom Gets A Redesign is from TechCrunch.

Get quizzing with locked mode, and grade away with Classroom is from Google, with a follow-up post from Richard Byrne, A New Gradebook for Google Classroom!