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The Best Articles For Learning About Laurene Powell Jobs’ Project To Redesign High Schools



“XQ: The Super School Project,” the project announced last year by Laurene Powell Jobs to redesign American high schools, announced their ten winners this week.

Here is what I wrote about the effort when it was first announced:

All education needs is another rich person who wants to reform education – and we’ve got it. Laurene Powell Jobs announced a $50 million prize to reinvent high schools, which you can read about in The Washington Post and at NPR’s Marketplace. I have little faith that anything good is going to come from it, especially since the project is being led by one of the key people behind the Vergara lawsuit attacking teachers.

I’ve since learned that Travis Bristol, an educator for whom I have a great deal of respect, now has a role in it, so perhaps something good might come out of the project, after all. But I’ll believe it when I see it….

Here are articles about it:

Billionaires, Schools & “less than stellar results”

You’ll want to read Jack Schneider’s piece about it in The Boston Globe, High schools don’t need a redesign.

$100 Million Awarded in Contest to Rethink U.S. High Schools is from The New York Times.

10 High School Redesign Projects Win $100 Million in ‘XQ Super School’ Contest is from Ed Week.

My Mixed Feelings on XQ’s ‘Super Schools’ is by Rick Hess.

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