There are tons of resources out there for lesson ideas geared towards specific current events – I’ve written some (see All My NY Times Posts For English Language Learners – Linked With Descriptions) and others have developed many more.

In this post, though, I wanted to bring together resources that shared more “generic” ideas that could be used for just about any current event. In other words, let’s say an event is in the news that I think might have potential for a high degree of student learning and engagement, I’d like to have some accessible ideas on how I could use it in the classroom – that’s the purpose of this list.

Before I start sharing those links, however, here are a few previously-posted “Best” lists that are related:

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Okay, now for the “generic” lesson ideas resources (feel free to suggest more):

50 Ways to Teach With Current Events is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Education World has lots of ideas.

Current Events Awareness is from PBS.

Current Events Worksheets is a useful Pinterest Board.

Creating ESL/EFL Lessons Based on News and Current Events is by Sean Banville.

Discussing Current Events in the ESL Classroom is from The Washington English Center.

The New York Times Learning Network announced they were beginning a new regular features: a Current Events Conversation.

Add 5 Minutes of Current Events into History Class is by Sarah Cooper.