Earlier this year, I published a post on ways to use multiple choice tests.

Today, Paul Bruno shared this new article on the topic:

I prompted me to think it would be useful to reprint my earlier post and turn it into a “Best” list. Feel free to share your own ideas:

I often experiment with how to use multiple choice exercises in creative and effective ways.

One reason is because periodicaly create ones for English Language Learners at the New York Times Learning Network.

Another is because I sometimes have students create ones for their classmates.

David Deubelbeiss has what I think is a great idea on how to make multiple choice questions more learner-friendly and effective.

And Jason Renshaw has come up with other ways.

A conversation about this very topic arose on Twitter this morning, and I thought I’d share a few, though not all, of the related tweets, and also invite readers to share their own ideas in the comments section:

Multiple-choice Testing: Are the Best Practices for Assessment Also Good for Learning? is from The Learning Scientists.