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The Best Practical Resources For Helping Teachers, Students & Families Respond To Immigration Challenges


Many teachers, students and families are understandably concerned about the impact of the Trump Administration’s changes on immigration will affect them: What can teachers do if ICE raids the schools? What are the rights of immigrant families if ICE agents knock on their door?

This “Best” list attempts to list useful resources, including multilingual ones, that can provide good advice.

For materials on the “bigger” issue of policy changes, please refer to:

The Best Resources For Learning About President Trump’s Executive Orders On Immigration & Refugees

The Best Resources On The Trump Administrations New Immigration Enforcement Policies

Here, now, are practical suggestions – please suggest more in the comments section:

Know your rights. Remain calm. is from the ACLU.

What immigrant advocates want you to do if ICE agents come to your door is from CNN.

Educators Guide for Immigrant and Refugee Children

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff is from Teaching Tolerance.

The Boston Public Schools have put together a great BPS: We Dream Together site that offers excellent multilingual resources. You can read more about it in the Boston Globe, BPS launches website to provide aid to immigrants.

How Much Can Schools Protect Undocumented Students? is from Ed Week.

If Immigration Agents Come Knocking, Schools Must Follow These Steps is also from Ed Week.

Bracing for a Showdown Over Immigration Rights, DACA is from Ed Week.

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