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The Best Resources On Co-Teaching With ELLs – Please Suggest More


The only time I’ve co-taught a class was an ELL Beginners/Intermediate combo that my co-author and colleague Katie Hull and I did several years ago.

I do know, however, that many ELL teachers are in situations where they either go in to a class to support students when the content teacher is teaching, or pull ELLs out to support content instruction.

I thought it would be useful to start a list with related resources and invite readers to suggest more:

How To Make the BEST of Co-Teaching is by Valentina Gonzalez.

The Far Reaching Benefits of Co-Teaching for ELLs is from The Teaching Channel.

ESL and Classroom Teachers Team Up to Teach Common Core is from Ed Week.

Collaboration and Co-Teaching: Strategies for English Learners is a great site from Drs. Maria G. Dove and Andrea Honigsfeld.

Tan Huynh has written a series of posts:

Four Teacher Collaboration FAQs

The Collaboration Continuum: Forms of Teacher Co-Planning

One-Off Collaboration: How To Win Friends and Collaborate with Content Teachers

Informal Co-Planning: “Yes, And” & “What If”

Guest Post: “Co-Teaching Dos and Don’ts”

The Models of Co-Teaching is by Tan Huynh.

Questions that Drive Co-Teaching is by Tan Huynh.

3 Indicators of Effective Co-Teaching is by Tan Huynh.

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