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Here’s What I’ll Be Doing This Coming School Year


The school year starts for us on August 31st, and I thought it would be helpful to me – and, perhaps, interesting to some readers – to hear what I’ll be doing over the next ten months both in and out of the classroom:

* In school, I’ll be teaching several different classes, including English to Beginning ELLs, ELL World History, ELL U.S. History and ELL Geography. I’ll also be teaching International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge classes.

* One night each week during the second half of each semester I’ll be teaching an ELL Methods class at California State University, Sacramento.

* Katie Hull and I are co-authoring our third book on teaching ELLs, and it should be published by Jossey-Bass sometime in March, 2018.

* I’ll be starting work on the fourth book in my student motivation series for Routledge.  That one probably won’t be out until sometime in 2019 or 2020.

* I’ll be starting my seventh year of writing a teacher advice column for Education Week Teacher. I’ve got 45 new questions set with over 200 educators contributing guest responses. The new columns should start in early-to-mid September.

* As always, each of those columns will be accompanied by a ten minute online radio show. You can listen to previous shows at All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions. They’ve become pretty popular, and have been getting 60,000 downloads each month.

* Though I won’t be doing the insane weekly schedule of posts I’ve done in some past years for the New York Times Learning Network, I should be writing several for them on teaching ELLs. You can see my previous posts at All My NY Times Posts For English Language Learners – Linked With Descriptions.

* I’ll also write a handful of posts for the British Council.  You can see my previous posts for them here.

* Of course, I’ll be continuing to post in this blog regularly.

* Combine all the above with family and basketball-playing time should make for a fruitful and busy next ten months!


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I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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