(This post is in memory of the 43 Mexican student teachers murdered by drug cartels three years ago this month.  Read more about them at  Video: “Where Is My Brother?” Is Sad, Moving Music Video About Missing Mexican Student Teachers and Such A Sad & Tragic Story: Student Teachers Murdered In Mexico).

Since many readers are either student teachers or collaborating/cooperating teachers (like me), I thought a “Best” list would be useful bringing together my past posts on the subject, along with additional related resources.

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Here’s what I have so far:

Seven Strategies For Working With Student Teachers is the title of my Education Week Teacher multi-part series on the the topic.

My New BAM! Show: “What is the Best Way to Train Student Teachers?”

Here’s A Reflection Exercise I Did With My Student Teacher

7 Habits of Amazing Student Teachers is from We Are Teachers.

What Advice Would You Give a Student Teacher? is from Jennifer Gonzalez.

Stepping Aside: The Art of Working With Student-Teachers is from Ed Week Teacher.

Coaching the Veteran Teacher offers some great advice applicable to student teachers.

How to Be a Better Mentor to Your Student-Teachers is by Justin Minkel.