There are many lists of different instructional/teaching strategies online. However, I thought readers might find it useful if I compiled a sort of “list of list” – a post sharing the exceptional ones.

And there aren’t many of them (though feel free to let me know which ones I’ve missed).

I’m just putting links on this list to compilations that share multiple instructional strategies, including quite a few that are not the “typical” ones many teachers already know. In addition, the site must be well-designed and share enough information that the teacher can apply each strategy immediately.

I’m starting off with only three, though am happy to add to it. In addition, I’m including a few links to related “Best” lists.

Here they are:

Teaching Tolerance Teaching Strategies

Facing History Teaching Strategies

I learned about this excellent collection of instructional strategies via a tweet by Tony Vincent. It’s from the University of Oklahoma, and is very well-designed. Click on the “card” and it will take you to a much more extensive explanation of the method.

Connecticut State Department of Education Instructional Strategies That Facilitate Learning Across Content Areas

Instructional Strategies from Education Alberta.


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