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New & Revised: Resources To Help Us Predominantly White Teachers To Reflect On How Race Influences Our Work



I have a huge A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism – Help Me Find More list, which also includes many “sub” Best lists.  It’s also pretty unwieldy for readers/users.

Many of the resources on that list are there using Storify, a tool that will be going off-line soon.  So, I’m using that change as an opportunity to cull and re-organized those links over the next few months into a series of “New & Revised” Best lists.

This is the third one (New & Revised: The Best Resources For Understanding Why We Need More Teachers Of Color was the first and New & Revised: A Collection Of Advice On Talking To Students About Race & Racism was the second. You might also be interested in The Best Resources About “Culturally Responsive Teaching” & “Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy” – Please Share More!).

Obviously, race influences our work in many ways, including in segregation (see The Best Resources For Learning About School Desegregation (& Segregation) – Help Me Find More).

This list is more specifically designed to provide resources to help us reflect on how race and racism can affect our day-to-day actions in the classroom:

We Should Be Obsessed With Racial Equity is a post I wrote that includes many links related to teacher implicit bias.

On the Importance of Mirrors for Students (and Teachers) appeared in The Huffington Post.

‘White Educators Must Sharpen Their Humility’ Before They Discuss Race is the headline of the final part of a three-part series in my Ed Week Teacher column.

Teachers undo personal biases to help students of color engage is from Colorado Public Radio.

Teachers, T-Shirts & The Messages That They Send

Teachers more likely to label black students as troublemakers, Stanford research shows is from Stanford.

Students’ Race Affects How Teachers Judge Misbehavior, Study Says is from Ed Week.

Schools’ Discipline for Girls Differs by Race and Hue is from The New York Times.

Read This: “Teachers More Likely to Label Black Students as Troublemakers” is by Renee Moore.

On Racism and White Privilege is from Teaching Tolerance.

You definitely want to read Zaretta Hammond’s blog.

Approaching Racial and Cultural Sensitivity is from Edutopia.

Just How Racist Are Schoolteachers? is from Mother Jones.

10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools is from Everyday Feminism.

‘Racial Mismatch’ Changes Teacher Expectations for Students, Study Finds is from Ed Week.

‘Racial Mismatch’ May Affect Which Students Are in Class is from Ed Week.

Morning Video: Controversial Atlanta Teacher-Student Dance Video is from Alexander Russo, who then links to a very interesting post by Christopher Emdin.

Questioning Payne is a good piece from Teaching Tolerance. I’m adding it to The Best Critiques Of Ruby Payne.

Principals Share Advice on Addressing Racial Bias in Schools is from Education Week.

Teacher perceptions and race is from The Brookings Institution.

Depressing Statistic Of The Day: Many White Teachers Have Low Expectations Of Black Students

Depressing Statistic Of The Day: Schools With Police Officers But No Guidance Counselors

7 findings that illustrate racial disparities in education is from The Brown Center.

Want To Address Teachers’ Unconscious Biases? First, Talk About Race is from State Impact Indiana.

The insidiousness of unconscious bias in schools is from Brookings.

Teachers’ Lower Expectations for Black Students May Become ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecies,’ Study Finds is from Ed Week.

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 2 is by Nicholas Kristof at The New York Times.

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 3 is by Nicholas Kristof at The New York Times.

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 4 is by Nicholas Kristof.

Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions is from The New York Times.

Color-Blindness Is Counterproductive is from The Atlantic.

We [White] Teachers Should Look At This Research When We Feel We Don’t Show Bias In The Classroom

My Grandmother Who Escaped Nazis Told Me to Always Speak Up. So, I’m Calling Out Racist Teachers. appeared in Education Post.

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