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The Best Resources On “Differentiated Grading” For English Language Learners

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See our article Grading English Language Learners – A Perspective From Two Teachers

Last year, I published a post headlined What Do You Know About “Differentiated Grading” For ELLs?

Then, earlier this week, Diane Staehr Fenner sent this tweet and put the same question out on Facebook:

I’m very eager to hear what Diane learns, and I’d encourage you to share with her any information.

Her message also prompted me to re-double my efforts to find some information, since it’s an on-going discussion on our campus.

This post includes resources I shared at the previous one, along with new ones I’ve found since it appeared.

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Here’s what I have so far:

This PowerPoint from a school district is very good.

Here’s an interesting Facebook discussion on the topic. It’s the one that Diane started…

Here are ELL grade guidelines from a Baltimore Middle School.

Here’s A Padlet With Tons Of Info On Grading ELLs

New Comment Available In Our District’s Report Cards Encourages Differentiated Grading For ELLs

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. I really enjoyed the Webinar that was posted. I feel like the 5 pillars really make sense and I wish our school district would take into consideration that ELL students need to be graded differently. A couple of us ELL teachers have talked about using the Can -Do descriptors to see what those students should be able to do and basing the grading off of the things they should be able to do instead of grade level work. One thing that I really liked in the 5 pillars was the co-grade topic that was discussed. I have my ELLs do a lot of different things that could be graded that are on their level, which would help their grade. However, I do feel like some of the teachers I work with are really good about showing me some of the work my students do and asking my opinion on it. I just feel like there needs to be a balance in there somewhere between the two.

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