See our article Grading English Language Learners – A Perspective From Two Teachers

Last year, I published a post headlined What Do You Know About “Differentiated Grading” For ELLs?

Then, earlier this week, Diane Staehr Fenner sent this tweet and put the same question out on Facebook:

I’m very eager to hear what Diane learns, and I’d encourage you to share with her any information.

Her message also prompted me to re-double my efforts to find some information, since it’s an on-going discussion on our campus.

This post includes resources I shared at the previous one, along with new ones I’ve found since it appeared.

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Here’s what I have so far:

This PowerPoint from a school district is very good.

Here’s an interesting Facebook discussion on the topic. It’s the one that Diane started…

Here are ELL grade guidelines from a Baltimore Middle School.

Here’s A Padlet With Tons Of Info On Grading ELLs

New Comment Available In Our District’s Report Cards Encourages Differentiated Grading For ELLs