The Best Online Tools For Comparing The Physical Sizes Of Different Countries is a previously-posted “Best” list.

But what about tools that will let you do side-by-side comparisons of demographics and other data from different countries?

Here are the ones I think are the best – let me know who I’m missing:

The Gapminder’s Bubble Map

Index Mundi

Nation Master

Your Life In Another Country

Where do you fit on the global income spectrum? is a new interactive from The Washington Post that lets you identify “middle-income” in countries around the world.

The Post also has an accompanying article headlined Does $60,000 make you middle-class or wealthy on Planet Earth?

Here’s how My Life Elsewhere describes itself:

MyLifeElsewhere is a collaborative site that allows you to compare and contrast the country you live in… with other countries around the world. We’ll show you various statistics that differentiate your country from others, including cost of living, geographic size, and more. If you had been born in another country, what would your life have been like?

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