There has been a lot of crazy talk over the past couple of days about arming teachers.

Here are resources explaining why it’s a bad idea.

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Statistic Of The Day: The Economic & Moral Cost Of Arming Teachers

The Absurdity of Armed Educators is from The Atlantic.

Calls to Arm Teachers Meet Resistance from Parkland Educators, Leaders is from Ed Week.

I Am a Teacher, President Trump. Please Don’t Give Me a Gun. is by Gina Caneva.

Trump and Sacramento’s sheriff are wrong about giving guns to teachers. Here’s why is by Marcos Bretón.

Arming Teachers Would Endanger Students of Color appeared in Slate.

I Was a Marine. Now I’m a Teacher. Don’t Give Me a Gun appeared in TIME.

It’s Hard To Imagine How Armed Teachers Might Change Schools is from NPR.

The case against arming teachers is from Vox.

I Was a Marine. I Don’t Want a Gun in My Classroom. is from The NY Times.

Arming teachers with guns will backfire is from The Miami Herald.

You can get an #ArmMeWith template here.

Teachers Are Not Soldiers is from The Atlantic.

Two Very Important Articles On The Question Of Arming Teachers

Unsurprising Statistic Of The Day: Gallup Poll Finds That Teachers Don’t Want To Carry Guns