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The Best Resources For Learning About The Teacher Compensation Crisis



Recent massive teacher actions (see The Best Videos & Articles On The Kentucky & Oklahoma Teachers Strikes and The Best Resources For Learning About – & Supporting – The West Virginia Teachers) have brought attention to the teacher compensation crisis that exists in many states.

Here are some articles that provide a broader picture of this crisis (you might also be interested in The Best Posts & Articles About The Importance Of Teacher (& Student) Working Conditions):

“I feel mentally numb”: more teachers are working part-time jobs to pay the bills is from Vox.

As teachers across the country demand higher pay, here’s how much salaries have stalled — and why it matters for kids is from Chalkbeat.

Raw Data: Teacher Pay Since 2010 is from Mother Jones.

No Wonder Teachers Are Saying Enough Is Enough is from The Nation.

Teacher Pay: How Salaries, Pensions, and Benefits Work in Schools is from Ed Week.

Teachers Make Less on Average Today Than They Did in 1989 is from Slate.

Statistic Of The Day: The Public Trusts Teachers


A Quick Centennial State Guide To Questions About Teacher Pay is from Colorado Public Radio.

Statistic Of The Day: Teacher Pay Is Down

Teachers Find Public Support as Campaign for Higher Pay Goes to Voters is from The NY Times.

Statistic Of The Day: Per-Pupil Spending & Teacher Salaries Are Down

How bad is teacher pay? Nearly 1 in 5 teachers works a second job, report says is from The Washington Post.

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