The mid-term elections are coming up soon.

I thought it would be useful to share related teaching resources. I’m adding this post to my other “Best” lists on Active Citizenship.

Let me know what I should add to these links:

Seven Ways to Teach the Midterms With The New York Times is from The NY Times Learning Network.

Monitoring the midterms: Do midterm elections matter? is a lesson from the PBS NewsHour. Here are more resources from the NewsHour.

Democracy Class is a curriculum developed by Rock The Vote and Teaching Tolerance.

I’ve used these two videos as part of a lesson I did recently:

A really simple guide to the US mid-term elections is from the BBC.

Wasted Ballots? A Lesson Exploring Why More Young People Don’t Vote, and What Students Can Do About It is from The NY Times Learning Network.

CNN has a great interactive.