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October 8, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

The Best Resources For Helping Beginner ELLs Learn About Halloween & The Day Of The Dead

As I shared a few months ago (see Beginning A New “Best” Series Of Interest To ELL Teachers), I’m beginning to create an updated series of “Best” lists for Beginning English Language Learners. They will ultimately replace the resources I have on my outdated website.

I’ve done quite a few so far, and you can find them all at All My Thematic “Best” Lists For Beginning ELLs – In One Place!

I’ve got several more to go, however, and here’s the latest one – on Halloween and The Day of the Dead (you can see my extremely lengthy list on Halloween for students of all language levels here):


Halloween Words

MES Games

Halloween Word Match

Halloween Costumes ESL Vocabulary Memory Game

Halloween Vocabulary ESL Memory Game – Ghost, Mask, Pumpkin

Halloween British Council

Halloween Activities



Picture Matching Quiz

October 30, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

New Halloween Resources


Here are new addition to the already-lengthy Best Websites For Learning About Halloween:

The Origins of Halloween is from Family Education.

Here’s an ABC News interactive video on Halloween.

Origins of Halloween and the Day of the Dead is from EdSitement.

October 29, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

More Halloween Resources


Here are a few additions to my already massive The Best Websites For Learning About Halloween:

28 Halloween movies and TV episodes for wimps and scaredy-cats is from Vox.

Halloween activities for ELLs is from Engames.

15 #ESL teaching ideas and a load of useful links for Halloween is from Adam Simpson.

The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies is from The Atlantic.

October 25, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Google’s “Frightgeist” Lets Teachers Combine Geography With Halloween


Google’s Frightgeist is an interactive site that lets you track the most popular Halloween costumes nationally in the United States, as well as locally.

It’s a perfect tool for combining Geography with learning about Halloween. Coincidentally, we’ve just begun learning about the United States in my ELL Geography class. Students are making reports on individual states this week, so I’ll be asking them to use Frightgeist to identify the most popular costumes in those regions, too. It will be a fun addition to the report, as well as a nice introduction to Halloween for some of them.

I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Learning About Halloween.

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