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Research Finds That Encouraging A Growth Mindset & Agency Can Help Students With Trauma

  Control, Predictability Can Help Counter Students’ Trauma, Research Finds is a new Education Week article on recent research that’s worth reading. You might also be interested in: The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset” The Best Resources On Student Agency & How To Encourage It I’m adding this info to The Best Ways For Responding To Student Trauma – Help Me Find More.   Share...

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A Look Back: “Important Reminder That We Need To Praise Process To Support A Growth Mindset”

During this month, I’ll be taking a break now-and-then from blogging to both take some R & R and to finish-up some more extended writing projects. During this short break, I’ll be re-posting some of my favorite posts of 2018. You might also be interested in A Look Back: All My Favorite Posts From The Past Eleven Years In One Place!   Sarah Sparks over at Ed Week has a great write-up about a new study finding that praising effort alone is not enough to promote a growth mindset among teenagers – we have to praise specific strategies/actions they took....

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New Study Finds A Growth Mindset Intervention Effective When It Highlights Impact On Brain

I’ve shared different variations of lessons I do helping students see the physical impact learning can have on the brain, and you can find them all at The Best Resources For Showing Students That They Make Their Brain Stronger By Learning. Now, a new study finds that lessons on a growth mindset can be particularly effective when incorporating this idea: You can learn about this new research at Ed Week’s article, The ‘Brain’ in Growth Mindset: Does Teaching Students Neuroscience Help?, which is where I first learned about this new research. I’m adding this info to The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset.” Share...

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New Study Shows Learning About Growth Mindset At Start Of Ninth-Grade Increases Resilience

A new study, co-authored by David Yeager, one of the foremost experts on Social Emotional Learning (I’ve previously posted about his work, including a guest post), found that ninth-graders were able to weather some of the challenges they faced during their first three months in high school if they had a growth mindset. Here’s an excerpt from an article summarizing their research:   Our school puts a very strong emphasis on Social Emotional Learning concepts in ninth-grade. One takeaway for me from this study is that it might make sense for us to teach about growth mindset first. The article also points to a nice resource Yeager and others have created with growth mindset learning resources. I’m adding this info to: The Best Resources For Learning About The Importance Of Ninth-Grade For Students – & How To Support Them The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset”   Addendum: Here’s another useful summary of the study. Share...

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Carol Dweck’s New Response To Critiques Of Growth Mindset

The value of teaching students about a growth mindset has recently been criticized by some education researchers. Today, Carol Dweck published an important response that – seems to me, at least – does an excellent job of answering those criticisms. You can read it at The Conversation, Growth mindset interventions yield impressive results. It also includes a lot of useful links. The Mindset Scholars Network has also shared a summary of her article. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset.” Share...

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