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August 2, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

Rhee Becomes Chair Of Local Charter Schools — Will Have Less Time To Damage Rest Of Us

Michelle Rhee has just been named board chairwoman of St. Hope Schools, the small group of Sacramento charter schools begun by Mayor Kevin Johnson, her husband.

With luck, this means she’ll have less time to damage public education elsewhere.

Her national organization, StudentsFirst, has also just pulled out of five states.

Perhaps the headline on Salon’s recent article was accurate: Education “reform’s” new Ann Coulter: A reeling Michelle Rhee passes the lead to Campbell Brown

February 8, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

From The Archives: “4 concerns about Michelle Rhee”

I’ve recently re-started an effort I’ve tried to do previously by regularly highlighting previous posts and articles I’ve shared in previous years that I think might be worth a second look.

Today, I’m highlighting a short piece I wrote for The Washington Post three years ago titled 4 Concerns About Michelle Rhee.

Here’s an excerpt:


May 20, 2013
by Larry Ferlazzo

Quote Of The Day: “How Michelle Rhee Misled Education Reform”

How Michelle Rhee Misled Education Reform is an extraordinary article in this week’s New Republic magazine. It’s written by Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and author of several exceptional books.

Here’s a short excerpt:Rhee-simply-isnt

Here’s some more info on on Rhee (who lives and is based a few miles from our school):

4 concerns about Michelle Rhee is a short piece I wrote for The Washington Post.

The Best Posts About Michelle Rhee’s Exaggerated Test Scores

The Best Resources On The Memo Warning Rhee About Cheating (“It seems to me a responsible executive really ought to have looked further”)

April 13, 2013
by Larry Ferlazzo

The Best Resources On The Memo Warning Rhee About Cheating (“It seems to me a responsible executive really ought to have looked further”)

You may have heard about the memo just uncovered suggesting that Michelle Rhee may have covered-up numerous acts of standardized test-cheating in order to ensure that it appeared her reforms were working (similar to the Atlanta scandal).

Here’s a New York Times article reporting that the Washington, D.C. City Council will be having hearings on the memo next week (the title of this post comes from a researcher’s quote in that article).

And USA Today has a good overview, too.

Here’s an excellent MSNBC video report on the memo and its implications:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

You might also be interested in:

The Best Posts About Michelle Rhee’s Exaggerated Test Scores

4 concerns about Michelle Rhee

February 5, 2013
by Larry Ferlazzo

Video: Watch The Extended Interview Jon Stewart Did With Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee was on The Daily Show last night. I thought she generally came across as quite reasonable and tried to minimize and gloss over many of her beliefs. Stewart kept pressing her — admirably, I thought, while trying to maintain his nice guy persona — and the best part is clearly Part Three (the second and third parts appeared on the Web). That’s when Rhee told Stewart “You’re looking confused” when it was clear that Stewart had enough of her ducking and weaving, and he began to question her more forcefully.

I was struck by several things Stewart said during the interview, including:

teaching is an art form

teachers subjected to new offensive coordinator coming in every few years

There hasn’t really been any innovation in education since John Dewey. (this is the only time I thought he was off-base)

Teachers seem like one tool to get education on track, but they seem to be the only tool that ever gets yelled at…. There’s poverty, communities, but teachers are the only ones we tell, “Fix it, or you’re fired!”

Education can take place if the soil is fertile..

Is school the biggest factor?

It seems we’ve abandoned the model of public school in the inner city

You are creating a system where the public school becomes a place for the toughest cases [and others go to charters]

The systemic issues that are the underlying causes of the poor performances never get addressed.

The entire system of standardized tests is somewhat broken.

You might also want to view Stewart’s interview with Diane Ravitch, which was extraordinary, as well as other ones I’ve previously highlighted.

What did you think of the interview?

January 7, 2013
by Larry Ferlazzo

Rhee Gives California Ed Policies An “F”; CA “Great Results With Diminishing Resources” Report Comes Out At Same Time

At about the same time Michelle Rhee, resident of our fair city of Sacramento, gave California education policies an “F,” a report based on actual research and focused on how students are doing in the classroom was published with the title “California’s K-12 Public Schools: Great Results With Diminishing Resources.”

No wonder our state’s deputy superintendent of instruction said:

…that the state’s F rating is a “badge of honor.” “This is an organization that frankly makes its living by asserting that schools are failing,” Zeiger said of StudentsFirst. “I would have been surprised if we had got anything else.”

You can read more about Rhee’s grading system here. And you can read about a report card given to Rhee by a New York school’s group here.

I’ve previously shared my perspective on Rhee in The Washington Post.

February 22, 2011
by Larry Ferlazzo

If You’re Not Suffering From “Rhee Fatigue,” Then Here Are Two Good Articles

Michelle Rhee has been all over the news, and on this blog (see The Best Posts About Michelle Rhee’s Exaggerated Test Scores and 4 concerns about Michelle Rhee). If you’re not tired of hearing about her, here are two good articles that have just been published:

Still Waiting for Superwoman: What Michelle Rhee’s fans don’t get about education reform is from Slate.

The Meaning of Michelle Rhee is by Mike Rose.

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