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Sight Words With Samson

I learned about Sight Words With Samson from the excellent blog Instructify. Sight Words With Samson is clearly one of the best websites out there to learn sight words — for English Language Learners or younger native-English speakers. There’s audio support for text and a lot of interactive fun exercises. One of the best things about it is that it also shows sight words in the context of sentences — in both audio and text. In an ideal world it would also show an image illustrating the sentence, but you can’t always have everything. I’ve placed the link on my website under Sight Words. By the way, the excellent Instructify blog just got even better by inviting my Sacramento colleague, Alice Mercer, to begin contributing posts. Share...

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Help Me Understand The Significance Of This New Study That “Finds Sudden Insights Key to Learning Words”

Study Finds Sudden Insights Key to Learning Words is the headline of an Ed Week article that appeared today, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s significant and, if so, why? I had a difficult time really understanding what the researchers were trying to say. It appears to me they’re saying that new words are best acquired when they’re heard in context. So, in the ESL context, flashcards with individual vocabulary words are less effective than learning words in sentences with visual support. If that’s what the study is saying, I don’t really understand what the big deal is — most teachers know this already. However, I freely admit I may be missing the point of the study entirely. Help me out here — is my interpretation accurate? If not, what is the accurate way to interpret and apply this study in the classroom? Share...

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Three Hundred Most Used English Words

(Note: For some reason, Feedblitz didn’t send this out to email subscribers yesterday, so I’m posting it again) English Game shows the 300 most common words used in English.  When students click on the word they will also hear it spoken. I’ve placed it at the bottom of the Sight Words section of my English For Beginners page.  There are better activities in that category where students can learn these words, especially where they are shown in the context of a sentence.  But this activity might be one that some students might want to practice now and then. Share...

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Sight Word Practice

Starwriter is a game from Kent National Grid For Learning where students have to pick the correct audio pronunciation of a word that is written on the screen……with a lot of little stars. It’s a fun little game.  Unfortunately, the words are not given in the context of a sentence, but there are plenty of other activities in my Sight Words section (where you’ll find Starwriter at the bottom) on the English Beginner page where the most common sight words are shown in that context. Share...

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Guest Post: How to Scaffold the RACE Writing Strategy for Newcomer English Learners

Over the past few months, I’ve published several series of guest posts from teachers of English Language Learners: one on teaching math, another on ELLs and Special Needs, and the most recent one on teaching Science to ELLs. I also published a mini-series on evaluating foreign transcripts. I’ve recently begun a series on teaching Social Studies to ELLs. And, I’m simultaneously publishing a series on teaching writing to ELLs. This first post in the series is by Julie Motta…   Julie Motta, now in her 29th year in education (25 of them serving ELs), currently teaches 6th-to-8th grade SLIFE students at Gilbert Stuart Middle...

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