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February 11, 2009
by Larry Ferlazzo

Stimulus Compromise Looks Good

Based on what CNN is reporting, the stimulus package looks pretty darn good for education.

Assuming CNN’s report is accurate, Senate and House of Representative negotiators put the state aid back in the bill, and added back some money back in for school construction (though now they’re calling it school “modernization”). That, combined with the Title 1, Special Education, and edtech monies I’ve written about, certainly provides some needed resources for schools.

February 9, 2009
by Larry Ferlazzo

The Latest On The Stimulus And Schools

The “This Week In Education” blog has the latest update on schools and the stimulus package.

It’s similar to my latest posts. New information includes that all Special Education funding remains the same and the $1 billion for educational technology stays in. The “This Week In Education” post gives more information on the changes in funds for school construction and state aid, but, I’m sorry to say, I don’t understand their effects “on the ground.” Maybe someone reading this does and can clarify it in the comments section.

February 7, 2009
by Larry Ferlazzo

Stimulus Update

There are different media reports on the how the Senate compromise will affect education.

According to The New York Times, the proposed economic stimulus compromise in the U.S. Senate cuts $20 billion from the originally proposed amount for school construction and $1 billion from Head Start.

In addition, the Times says it cuts $40 billion from aid meant to help states deal with their budget deficits. Of course, that cut will have a big effect on schools since states will end-up cutting at least some of their education budgets to meet those gaps.

The Wall Street Journal, though, says that only $3.5 billion was cut from school construction, along with $98 million for school nutrition.

Politico seems to have the most complete list of reductions and, based on my previous experience with their site, I tend to think their numbers are the most accurate. They agree with the reduction in state aid totals, as well as the Head Start cut. They say, though, that the school construction reduction is $16 billion. Their numbers came from a Republican legislative aide.

The best news in all of this, it seems to me, is that none of the three say there will be reductions in the original total set for Title 1 schools.

Of course, now it goes to a conference committee of the House and the Senate, and who knows what’s going to happen there…

February 6, 2009
by Larry Ferlazzo

Reductions In Stimulus Money For Education

The excellent This Week In Education blog just got a hold of the cuts in the stimulus package that a group of “moderate” Senators have agreed to.

You can access a list of all the cuts on that blog. I had some difficulty, though, opening-up the document, so took the liberty of copying just the portion related to education.  I eventually was able to access it, so you might want to go there if this image isn’t very clear.

It looks like 50% cuts.  Of course, just because it’s on this list doesn’t meant it’s going to happen, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

You might find my previous posts on education and stimulus package useful, including the listing of specific amounts school districts were projected to receive in the original plan.  It looks like you might have to cut some of those totals in half.

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