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The Best Temporary Email Address Sites For Students (Or Anyone)

Many Web 2.0 applications that I have my students use require a valid email for registration. Often they can all just use one account that I’ve already set-up and validated. However, sometimes sites don’t allow multiple users online at the same time on one account. Also, if everyone has access to everybody’s work, it’s possible for a student who’s feeling mischievous to play around with another student’s project. For these reasons, and others, at times it’s good for students to have individual accounts. For my high school students, I don’t think it’s a big deal to have them use their own email accounts. However, I can see that it could raise privacy and safety issues for younger students.  For that reason I have posted several links on the top of my Examples of Student Work page that allow people to create email addresses that last a very short time and require no personal information.  These enable you to receive a request for validation and then click on it. They’re all pretty similar, and only appear to vary in the period of time they exist before they shut-down.  I thought it would be helpful to have a “The Best…” list compiling them.  There are quite a few others, but they don’t have clearly defined times when they will cease-to-exist. And since anyone can check the in-box of these email addresses...

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Another Temporary Email Address

I’ve posted about a number of places that let you create a free temporary email address. These are tools students can use when they want to sign-up for a Web 2.0 application that requires registration and activation. Another one just opened for business. It’s called Fitzmail. I’ve put the link next to the other similar services at the top of my Examples of Student Work page. Share...

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More Temporary Email Addresses

I’ve posted before about temporary email address sites that students, and others, can use in order to register for Web 2.0 applications that require activation emails. I have several listed at the top of my Examples Of Student Work page, and will be adding two more to the list. The two new ones are Correro and Anonymbox. Share...

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