Author: Larry Ferlazzo

Guest Post: Evaluating Transcripts: Getting it right, one student at a time

  Editor’s Note: Evaluating transcripts of incoming English Language Learner students can often be tricky – for both schools with large numbers of ELLs and those with fewer ones. I previously published a guest post from Mary M. Martin offering some good advice on how to handle this situation: GUEST POST: EVALUATING FOREIGN TRANSCRIPTS AT THE SECONDARY LEVEL Here’s a second one on the same topic.  It’s written by Alycia Owen. Alycia Owen is an international educator, instructional coach, and EAL specialist who has implemented the co-teaching model in math, science, and language arts. She has provided professional development for...

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Study Finds Asking Questions Leads To More Second Dates – Perfect Research To Promote The Art Of…Asking Questions

Yesterday, The New York Times published an article citing a study that found asking questions makes you more likeable and, in a dating situation, leads to more second dates. When I talk about the importance of developing question-asking skills, I always ask students if they would want to go out with someone who talked about themselves or who asked them questions. Now, I can cite research backing it up! You can read the NY Times article, Want to Seem More Likable? Try This. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles About Asking Good Questions — Help Me Find...

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The National Day Of Writing Is On Oct. 20th – Here Are 35 Related “Best” Lists

From The National Council Of Teachers Of English: The National Day on Writing® (October 20), an initiative of the National Council of Teachers of English, is built on the premise that writing is critical to literacy but needs greater attention and celebration. Every year NCTE and enthusiastic participants around the world continue to grow this event. Since 2009 we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people share their responses and engage in activities around the theme of #WhyIWrite. Their collective voices are raising the volume on this issue. This October the National Day on Writing celebrates its 10th anniversary and, with your involvement, this...

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“The World’s Largest Lesson”

UNICEF is sponsoring the third “World’s Largest Lesson,” which encourages educators to focus teaching on the United Nations 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. You can see two posts about their resources from previous years. They have quite a few lesson plans on their site though, as usual, they seem to be of mixed quality, but some I looked at appear pretty good. They also have this new video: English – World’s Largest Lesson Part 3 from World’s Largest Lesson on Vimeo. Share...

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