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January 22, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

A New – To Me – Blog That Is Definitely Worth Reading: “Cult Of Pedagogy”


I don’t have a very lengthy blogroll on my sidebar — blogs that I strongly recommend that people follow because I find almost all of their posts thoughtful, useful and very accessible (I’ll reproduce that full list at the end of this post).

Recently, I discovered a new blog that I’m adding there. It’s called Cult of Pedagogy, and it’s written by educator Jennifer Gonzalez.

I heard about it via John Norton and Middleweb (also on my blogroll!) through her post there titled 8 Things I Know for Sure about Middle School Kids.

I’ve since explored her extensive site and blog, and have shared quite a few of her resources in my “Classroom Instruction Resources Of The Week” feature.

Her blog posts and videos are insightful and very, very practical. Here’s an example of one of her videos, and I’m adding this one to The Best Resources About Inductive Learning & Teaching. It’s about “Concept Attainment,” which I’ve written about a lot in this blog and in my books. In her video, Jennifer explains it much more clearly than I ever have in my writing:

You can see more of her fantastic videos here.

You might be wondering, “Who is Jennifer Gonzalez?” Here’s how she describes herself on her blog:

For eight years, I taught middle school language arts. Half that time was spent in an east-coast state, the other half in a Midwestern state. I earned my National Board Certification in 2004. Then, after having my first child, I left teaching to be a stay-at-home mom, knowing there was no way I could do both jobs well. In 2008, I was hired by a local university to teach pre-service teachers. This work gave me new passion for preparing and supporting educators.

So, I’d encourage you to read it regularly and you can also follow her on Twitter.

And, if you’re interested, here is my entire blogroll (which includes my classroom blogs):


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January 15, 2015
by Larry Ferlazzo

Resources From All My Blogs

In addition to this blog, I regularly post at several other sites:

Engaging Parents In School:

Larry Ferlazzo's Engaging Parents in School Site

Weekly Posts At Classroom Q & A With Larry Ferlazzo:

Monthly Posts At The New York Times Learning Network on Teaching English Language Learners:

New York Times Learning Network

Periodic Posts at Edutopia:


Monthly Posts At The British Council – Teaching English


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December 13, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo
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If You Subscribe To Richard Byrne’s Blog By RSS, Double-Check It’s Still Working….


Free Technology For Teachers, written by Richard Byrne, is just about everybody’s favorite ed tech blog.

You can read it through many different avenues, but if you subscribe to it with an RSS Reader, there might be a problem that requires you to re-subscribe (there’s not a problem if you read it a different way).

You can read about the technical snafu and how to easily get back on track at Richard’s post, RSS Subscribers – I Need Your Help. You can easily fix it and not miss a post. And, trust me, you don’t want to miss a single post he publishes!

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December 3, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

Check Out These Finalists For The 2014 Edublog Awards!


The 2014 Finalists for the 2014 Edublog Awards have just been announced and voting has begun.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to check them out and learn about tech tools, blogs and other resources that you might have missed during the year. I know I always learn a lot from taking time to browse through them.

And one category you definitely don’t want to miss is the Most Influential Post one.

I’m a finalist in a number of categories, and I thank those who nominated me. I receive plenty of recognition, so I’d encourage you to vote for others.

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November 12, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

Nominations Now Open For The 2014 Edublog Awards


Nominations for the eleventh annual Edublog Awards are now open. You can learn about the Awards and the nominations process here. The deadline is November 24th.

Its purpose is to recognize effective uses of social media for educational purposes.

I view them, as I view all of these types of awards, as great opportunities to learn about new resources out there, and that’s been the case for the past eight years of my following the Awards.

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August 3, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

How Useful Is The LinkedIn Publishing Platform & LinkedIn Generally?

LinkedIn has now opened up its publishing platform to 15 million people. In other words, if you’re a LinkedIn member, you can now blog with it.

I have no idea how important or useful that is, and hope that readers will enlighten me.

In fact, though I’m a LinkedIn member and connect back to anyone who requests one — as long as they have some relationship to education — I’m still not clear what LinkedIn “does.”

The only thing that I have found useful on it is David Deubelbeiss’ ELT Professionals Around The World group, which seems to have some useful conversations (I’m just a lurker there).

Tell me what I’m missing, if anything. Should I share posts from this blog there? Should I write some original articles on their platform? Are the people on LinkedIn really different from those on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook?

Is the advice in this piece, LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform: Pros, Cons and Generating more Content, good or bad?

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July 21, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

Contribute A Post To The Next ELT Carnival — It’s On Humor In Language Teaching

'Carnival by the River' photo (c) 2004, Out.of.Focus - license:

The next ELT Blog Carnival, formerly known as the ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival, will be hosted by Carissa Peck at her blog.

She writes:

I am a teacher who strongly believes that humor makes classrooms better! This Blog Carnival is designed to let other teachers share how they use humor in the class, so that other teachers may be inspired from them!

To submit your blog you have three options:

1. Tweet it to Carissa Peck (@eslcarissa)
2. Use the general ELT Blog Carnival submission form.
3. Leave your link in the comments of her post on the Carnival

You can see all the previous Blog Carnivals here.

And you can express your interest in hosting a future edition of one here.

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