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September 17, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

“Creating Classrooms ‘to Unlock the Learning Potential Mistakes Provide us'”

Creating Classrooms ‘to Unlock the Learning Potential Mistakes Provide us’ is the headline of my latest Education Week Teacher column.

In it, experienced educators Doug Lemov, Danny Woo, Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, Bena Kallick, Allison Zmuda, Jen Schwanke and Mike Janatovich discuss how to handle student mistakes in the classroom.

Here are some excerpts:







September 15, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Beginning A Twitter List With “Classroom Q & A” Contributors


Many wise educators contribute guest responses to my Education Week Teacher column, which kicks-off its sixth year over the weekend.

Many, though not all, of them are on Twitter.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this earlier, but I’m doing it now – I’m beginning a Twitter list that Twitter users can subscribe to that will include all the guest contributors.

You can subscribe to or view the list here.

It only has a few names now, but I’ll add to it each week as I publish them in Ed Week.

In the future, I hope to go back and add contributors from past years, but when and if that happens is going to depend on finding the time. There’s always hope!

September 15, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

My New BAM! Radio Show Is On “Encouraging” Student Mistakes


I’m kicking-off my third year of BAM! Radio Shows accompanying my Education Week Teacher advice column, and the first eight-minute show of the season is on I Want My Kids to Feel Comfortable Making Mistakes, but…

I’m joined by Doug Lemov, Danny Woo and Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, who have also all contributed to my upcoming Ed Week series on the topic.

I’m adding it to All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions, where you can find nearly one-hundred previous shows, too.

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