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March 8, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

Sacramento City Unified School District Launches Campaign To Assist Undocumented Students

Photo – Cap Radio

Our district, Sacramento City Unified School District, just announced – at our school’s library, no less – a major campaign to assist undocumented students and their families.

The district announced it will distribute tens of thousands of “know your rights” cards in multiple languages to all students and will assist in coordinating immigration attorneys and providers of other resources to help these individuals at school sites. District officials also want to reinforce a message that all students are welcome. The district will begin hanging up multi-colored banners and lawn signs at every school site with the message: “Safe Haven: ALL students are welcome”. It will also be running a series of ads and promotional videos on social media to underscore the contributions of undocumented students and families in the community. Parents, teachers and community members will be encouraged to join the campaign by signing pledge cards in support of the Safe Haven effort.

Here are some articles about it:

Sac City Unified Launches Program To Protect Undocumented Students is from Public Radio.

Sacramento City Unified School District launches ‘Safe Haven’ campaign

Sacramento school district introduces ‘sanctuary schools’ campaign

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March 7, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

Good – & Depressing – Interactive On Refugees From NY Times

Where Refugees Come From is a very good interactive from The New York Times tracing where the origin of refugees coming to the United States over the past several years.

It’s also depressing because the trigger for its creation was:

a new executive order on Monday to ban all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days. The order also cuts the refugee program in half, capping it at 50,000 people for the 2017 fiscal year, down from the 110,000 ceiling put in place under President Obama.

I’m adding it to:

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March 7, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

NY Times Story Discusses Fears Of ICE Raids At Schools

The same day our Sacramento school district launches campaign to protect undocumented students (they officially are making the announcement in our school’s library today), The New York Times published a story with the headline, Educators Prepare for Immigration Agents at the Schoolhouse.

It’s a scary world these days.

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March 4, 2017
by Larry Ferlazzo

Two Excellent Resources On Effective Ways To Influence Your Congressperson

There are lots of ideas we want our students to learn about being an active citizen, and strategies for achieving social change is one of them (see The Best Posts & Articles On Building Influence & Creating Change and The Best Websites For Learning About Civic Participation & Citizenship).

Kathryn Schulz has just published an excellent analysis and guide for effective ways to communicate with your congressperson in The New Yorker – What Calling Congress Achieves. I wouldn’t use the whole piece in class, but excerpts would be very engaging.

How to Make Your Congressman Listen to You is also very good, and much more accessible – it’s a series of tweets from a former Congressional staffer.

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