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November 26, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

More Resources On Ferguson

Here are new additions to The Best Resources On Ferguson For Use In The Classroom:

After Ferguson Announcement, a Racial Divide Remains Over Views of Justice
is from The NY Times.

Ferguson grand jury decision: between the lines of the St Louis County prosecutor’s announcement is an interactive from The Guardian.

From Cairo to Moscow: how the world reacted to Ferguson is from The Guardian.

Telling My Son About Ferguson is from The New York Times.

Talking About Racism With White Kids is from The New York Times.

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November 23, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

For Email Subscribers Only

For some reason, Feedblitz did not email all the posts I published yesterday to the 3,000 readers who subscribe to this blog by email.

So, if you do read this blog via once-daily emails, you might want to go to the blog directly to see what you missed!

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October 17, 2014
by Larry Ferlazzo

October’s (2014) Best Tweets — Part Three

'Twitter' photo (c) 2010, West McGowan - license:

Every month I make a few short lists highlighting my choices of the best resources I through (and learned from) Twitter, but didn’t necessarily include them in posts here on my blog.

I’ve already shared in earlier posts several new resources I found on Twitter — and where I gave credit to those from whom I learned about them. Those are not included again in post.

If you don’t use Twitter, you can also check-out all of my “tweets” on Twitter profile page.

You might also be interested in The Best Tweets Of 2014 — So Far.

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