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May 20, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Video: “Ferdinand The Bull”

I, and many ELL teachers, use The Story Of Ferdinand in class. It’s particularly useful when teaching the “story” genre (I use it, as well as Teacher From The Black Lagoon, as part of a modified unit from The WRITE Institute).

I just learned that the director of the Ice Age movie is doing a full-length version of Ferdinand, and it’s supposed to be out next year.

Disney did this cartoon version in the late 1930’s:

Many of you may know this, but it’s new to me that it was a very controversial story when it came out prior to World War II and was banned in in countries for it’s alleged promotion of pacifism.

May 18, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

New Teaching Tolerance Video: “Intersectionality 101”

Intersectionality has apparently been around awhile as a term, but I didn’t know what it meant until relevantly recently.

Teaching Tolerance has just come out with a good video explaining it, and I’m adding the video to A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism – Help Me Find More:

May 17, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

New PBS News Hour Report: “Teaching ‘different is okay’ to combat Islamophobia in U.S. schools”

The PBS News Hour aired this report tonight:

I’ve previously published a number of posts related to Islamophobia in schools:

Great Letter From Feds On Importance Of Welcoming Muslim Students – Ironic That It Comes Same Day As ICE Raids Begin

Quote Of The Day: How Anti-Muslim Sentiment Is Affecting Kids

Quote Of The Day: Attorney Journal Loretta Lynch On Anti-Muslim Bullying In Schools

What Would Anne Frank Say About Anti-Muslim Sentiments?

Video & Transcript Of President Obama’s Speech At Mosque

I’m adding this post to A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism.

May 15, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Video: President Obama’s Commencement Address At Rutgers

President Obama gave the commencement address at Rutgers today.

I don’t think it was as good as his last one at Howard University (see President Obama Provides Great Analysis Of Key Community Organizing Adage: Do You Want To Be Right, Or Effective?), though he did make some excellent points about beliefs, knowledge and evidence that would be useful in an IB Theory of Knowledge class.

I also liked this piece at the very end:


Here’s the video (the transcript isn’t available yet):

I’m adding this to The Best Resources For Learning About The Importance Of “Grit”

Here’s a NY Times article about the speech.

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