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Larry Ferlazzo’s English Website

There are many pages on my main website, and they have nearly 8,000 categorized links appropriate for English Language Learners.

The best place to start exploring is the Main English Page.

You can read an overview about each section of my website on the Teacher’s Page. This page also has many links specifically useful to teachers.

You can also go directly to each page of my website:

English For Beginners and Early Intermediate

English Themes for Beginners and Early Intermediate

English For Intermediate and Advanced

English Themes for Intermediate and Advanced

Bilingual Exercises For English Language Learners

Examples of Student Work

Science For English Language Learners

Geography and United States History For English Language Learners

World History For English Language Learners

The Best Websites (under construction)

I also have a page that has links to a number of articles I’ve written that teachers might find useful:

Published Articles

Another part of my website is oriented more towards native English speakers or advanced English Language Learners. However, many of these sections also have links accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners. This site did not necessarily grow in a logical progression.

These sections are:



Social Studies

ARW (Academic Reading and Writing) This is the name we give to the ninth-grade English class we offer at my school.


  1. Hi Larry,

    I invite you to stop by and scroll around and subscribe – we cover every alternative search engine, daily and globally.


    Charles Knight, editor
    ReadWriteWeb Network

  2. Hello Larry,

    Fantastic Blog with lots of good information. Keep it up.


  3. Hello Dear Teacher Larry,

    Your blog… Simply Wonderful!!!

    You are a model teacher and educational technology specialist for the ELL, ESL and EFL community all around the globe.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    We all want you around.

    Best regards,


  4. Larry. Your US site is great and I will soon be featuring it on my site ( We started it two months ago and is now getting thousands of hits, so I hope you have the chance to look at it and see if it can help you. -Ken

  5. Hope you can consider this website.
    Book Trailers – Movies for Literacy
    This page represents the beginning of a website of short movies (generally 30 to 45 seconds) designed to increase student motivation to READ! Below are a couple of samples. Click for Late Elementary BookTrailers and Adolescent BookTrailers to see those listings.
    There are several hundred movies created to help students get excited about reading. Also included are directions for students to add to the site.

  6. Hi Larry!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and it always has such interesting topics and tips for teachers.

    I have a quick question. I was wondering if you or any of your subscribers could answer for me.

    1. I am using wikis in my classroom and I was wondering if anyone is using their wikis as reader response journals in the classroom and how they have set up their wikis?

  7. Lee,

    This is where I usually suggest people go to learn more about wiki use in classrooms:

    I hope its helpful.


  8. Hi Larry,

    Just wanted to say that you have got an excellent Blog and I hope you keep up the great work!

    Garin Kilpatrick

  9. Thanks for your greatly useful blog. My students at the Teacher Training College in La Plata, Argentina are using several of your recommendations. We also have a blog to share our work and useful links, feel free to visit us!

  10. Thanks for your dedication to what you’ve been doing for so long, Larry!!
    The way you categorize those websites is easy to follow and understand. I spent almost an hour just to browsing the world history part of the sites last night and I learned a lot from it!

    Warmest Regards,

  11. Alice sent your link to the EdTech Leadership group in Sacramento. Wow! Wonderful links, great ideas…thank you!

  12. CALLing all language teachers interested in using great CALL sites. Check out the extensive Language Links Library at !

    Members (FREE!) can instantly gloss any page from 138 language backgrounds anywhere on the Net, and also auto-archive e-flashcard lists for any words checked, further auto-generating up to 15 kinds of review quizzes and exercises for these new target words

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  14. love the resource list, going to present this to a few friends of mine at my city college.

    This is a great language learning tool web site (I don’t remember ever seeing it here.
    Thanks for all your helpful links and have a nice winter break!

  16. Hello Lari. Awesome Blog with lots of good information.

  17. Dear Larry,
    Please visit, a brand new and entirely free-to-use website dedicated to making English irregular verbs easy to teach and learn. Studying irregular verbs with a good story is much more interesting than relying only on tedious lists or uninspiring examples. is devoted to finding the most interesting examples of how they are used in contemporary English, picking out the ones used in global news stories as reported by well-known international newspapers, with a selection of thought-provoking quotations, and direct links to the articles. The site also includes dramatic historic events in which irregular verbs featured prominently, quotations with rare or unusual verbs as used in today’s English, focused presentations of certain verbs, tips for teachers, tips for students, free downloads, and many opportunities for participation.
    We hope you like it and can include it in your lists.
    Best wishes!

  18. Great resource. Thanks.

    I have two questions. Might you be interested in a guest post from a 12 year ESL veteran teacher in Korea who loves to teach writing?

    Two. Is it possible to add my website to your list of links?

    Here’s me.

    Again, many thanks for the time you’ve put into this great site.


  19. Larry,
    Thanks for your great site. I hope you will find our business English blog useful too:


  20. I would like to invite all teachers to my site, It is a 100% free simple learning environment. I have and will continue to mold the site into what my users demand me to. Please join and evolve with us.

  21. I consider that this site is very nice and help the teacher in the learning process and the student´s interaccion in the class but remember that we as teachers are facilitators in the teaching and learning process

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  24. Larry,
    I came across your site through an ESL class I am taking. Thanks for organizing all the information in a helpful way and including such helpful links.

    Cheers to teaching,

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  26. Hello Mr. Ferlazzo!

    My colleague introduced your blog to me, im getting a lot of help and tips from it! Thank you.

    I am currently at a position where I have to organize and make English newspaper for children in Korea. I also make workbook for them to study the article in detail.

    But since I am doing this by myself, I would like to get some feedbacks from professional ESL teachers point of view.

    If I send you my first issue of the newspaper and the workbook, would it be possible for you to give me some feedback? what to improve and what to keep and so on?

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  28. I have been looking around your website. It’s fantastic!…Now I’m learning how use blogs so I can keep a better communication with people like you… Thanks Larry for giving us the opportunity to learn more!!!

  29. Just wanted to let you know about a new ELT online magazine, ELTmag edited by Jill Hadfield and hosted by Unitec. . Issue 1 is online now at It has some great articles by Nicky, Andrew Wright, Marjorie Rosenberg and Jane Arnold.


  30. Hameray Publishing Group, based in San Diego, offers great resources for ESL students in Pre-K through Middle School. It may be worthwhile to consider adding a link to to your list.

  31. Larry…

    Loving the banner image – what’s the connection with Motuopao Island and Cape Reinga?

    Kia Kaha!

  32. Larry,
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    Our website:

     For more details
    Could you please write something about us in your blog?

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  36. Hi Larry,
    I´d like you to think about coming to Bogotá, Colombia for sharing with English teachers your great ideas. Please, count me on one of your followers.

  37. I Love your website – great resources which I used many times doing my TESOL these past two years.
    I’ve researched some Apps for ESL users on my ESL blog Here’s the link:

    I’d like to do a reciprocal link to your website.

  38. Hi Larry,
    I’ve almost gone through the educational links you provide. We are lucky to have you and your non-selfish contribution. I ‘m wondering if you could create a catchy name for my English training center to be opened soon; It teaches comprehensive English ( reading, writing , speaking, listening and all others). Thank you. By the way, here are two great links for English learners

  39. Dear Mr. Larry Ferlazzo, thank you very much for creating this web and help us to find a references and teaching aid to teach English as a foreign language, I use “choose your own story” as one of a good activities in classroom, I use it in card form, thank you very much.


    I didn’t see Nerdy Book Club on your blog roll so I thought you might be interested in this. Thanks for all you do to support education.

  41. Hello Larry
    I have gone through your blog it has really useful information. Here I’d like to introduce a school management software which would help you to do everything on online with the assistance of 4 logins like Admin, Teacher, Parent and Student.
    For more info please visit:

  42. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the great blog!
    Have any of your readers thought of learning English through the medium of science?
    At great images are explained with supporting text to engage and enthuse more advances students.

    If ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ then this is the site that educators could be looking for!

  43. I read this blog its really useful. I develop one of the best school management software to manage all school information like student, teacher, transport etc. To get more information visit –

  44. I would also like to suggest a website that helps even those who have zero background in the English language. It’s not because I’ve been there but because I am a witness of how great they are when it comes to that. The website is .

    EPiC Online ( )

  45. Thank you for taking the time to create this website. I’ve been inspired by some of your posts when lesson planning. I particularly like the TED lessons. I’ve recently started my own English language blog which can be found here:

  46. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for taking time for creating this wonderful page.


  47. Dear Larry,

    Your blog is awesome place of learning English and I went through all your pages in your blog, Its really helpful for the English learners. My website is the place of buy school management software and also i have blog for education news kindly visit it..

  48. Hello Sir,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I am truly thankful to you for providing learners like me with such an amazing platform. You have always been a true inspiration to me. I have written a few blogs for my website: with reference to topics like education and technology. I would really appreciate it if you gave me your feedback regarding my writing material.

    Thanks & Regards,

  49. Spot on, as usual!

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