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September 25, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL

Two years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention.

You might also be interested in The Best Resources, Articles & Blog Posts For Teachers Of ELLs In 2016 – So Far.

Here are this week’s choices:

Teachers Should Have Say on When Students Exit ELL Status, Guidance Argues is an Education Week article about a new report from the Council of Chief State School Officers. If offers good, common sense advice, which means (according to my cynical side) that many districts won’t follow it.  I’m adding it The Best Resources For Learning About The Ins & Outs Of Reclassifying ELLs.

Ed. Dept. Releases ESSA Guidance for English-Language Learners is from Ed Week. It’s about these guidelines just released by the Dept. of Ed. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning How The Every Student Succeeds Act Affects English Language Learners.

Teaching English – The British Council is having what looks like a great week-long (free!) online professional development conference starting October 5th. You can sign-up here. I’ll be writing up a separate post about it as soon as they respond to some questions I sent them.

TOOL REVIEW: GOOGLE’S TRANSLATE FEATURE RULES. is by Bill Ferriter. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About Google Translate.

‘Quizzifying’ feedback on error – four ways to spice up the correction of your students’ writing is from The Language Gym. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On ESL/EFL/ELL Error Correction.

Advocates Applaud HUD Guidance on Housing Discrimination Over English Proficiency is from NBC News.

25 ideas for using audio scripts in the ELT classroom is from The English Language Teaching Global Blog. I’m adding it to The Best Ideas To Help Students Become Better Listeners — Contribute More.

Helping teens to listen is from The British Council. I’m adding it to the same list.

Immigrant Kindergartners in the United States is an infographic from the Education Policy Center.

A New York School Where Students Learn to Read by Sculpting Words is from The New York Times.

Haitians, After Perilous Journey, Find Door to U.S. Abruptly Shut is from The New York Times.

Every year, nearly a thousand refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East journey to Idaho to make a new life in America. is from The New Republic.

September 25, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

September’s Top Posts From This Blog


I regularly highlight my picks for the most useful posts for each month — not including “The Best…” lists. I also use some of them in a more extensive monthly newsletter I send-out. You can see older Best Posts of the Month at Websites Of The Month (more recent lists can be found here).

You can also see my all-time favorites here.

Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

Very Good Interview With Literacy Expert Tim Shanahan

“‘Freedom to Fail’ Creates a Positive Learning Environment”

Here’s How We Modified The Picture Word Inductive Model Today

Twitter List For ESL/ELL Teachers Growing Fast – Let Me Know If I Should Add You!

Here Are Downloadable Scaffolded Instructions For Students To Create A “3/2/1” Poster

“CommonLit” Now Lets Teachers Create Free Virtual Classrooms

“Creating Classrooms ‘to Unlock the Learning Potential Mistakes Provide us’”

The New Study Headlined “Group Work Harms Memory” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

My New BAM! Radio Show Is On “Encouraging” Student Mistakes

Video: New TED-Talks PBS Education Show Exceeds My Expectations & Ten Minutes Is A “Must-Watch”

Important New Study Looks At Assets, Not Deficits, Of Teen “Defiance”

Here Are Presentation Instructions I’m Giving To My TOK Students

“Free School” Looks Like An Excellent YouTube Channel For Teachers & Students

Video & Transcript Of President Obama’s 9/11 Memorial Speech & How I Will Use It In Class

“Links To All Q & A Posts From The Past Five Years – In One Place!”

This Is The Revised & Updated Three-Day 9/11 Lesson I Did This Week (With Hand-Outs & Links)

Great Video For ELLs (& Everybody Else): “Wallace and Gromit – Train Chase”

“‘Why We Teach Now’: an Interview With Sonia Nieto”

Excellent Ideas On Using Photos In Lessons

NY Times Publishes Best Piece On Restorative Practices That I’ve Seen

Monster Study On Learning Strategies Released

Every Teacher Who Has An ELL In Their Class Should Watch This “Immersion” Film

Another Study Finds That Learning Second Language Helps Our Brains

“‘No More Reading For Junk’: an Interview With Barbara Marinak & Linda Gambrell”

LinkedIn Finds Employers Are Looking For “Soft Skills”

Silence Can Be Golden – Sometimes

I Doubt If You’ll Ever Find A Better Video Than This One To Demonstrate Grit & Perseverance

“eMargin” Lets You Annotate Text & Website – & Share Those Annotations

A Milestone – There Are Now Exactly 1,600 “Best” Lists!

Statistic Of The Day: Fewer Teachers, More Students

Video: “Navigating the Common Core with English Language Learners”

Statistic Of The Day: Low-Income Children Better Prepared When They Enter School


September 25, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

September’s “Best” Lists – There Are Now 1,610 Of Them


Here’s my regular round-up of new “The Best…” lists I posted this month (you can see all 1,610 of them categorized here):

The Best Resources For Learning About Total Physical Response (TPR)

The Best Resources On Different Types Of Map Projections

The Best Resources On The Smithsonian’s African-American Museum

The Best Research On How Many Decisions A Teacher Makes Each Day

The Best Articles For Learning About Laurene Powell Jobs’ Project To Redesign High Schools

The Best Posts On Looking At Our Students Through The Lens Of Assets & Not Deficits

A Beginning List Of The Best Resources For Learning About Google Classroom

The Best Resources For “Do Now” Activities To Begin A Class

The Best Posts/Articles On This Year’s Phi Delta Kappa and Gallup Education Poll — 2016

The Best Resources On Which Is Best – Reading Digitally Or Reading Paper?

The Best “Words Of The Year” Features For 2016

September 24, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Video: President Obama At The Opening Of The Smithsonian’s African-American Museum (Plus Teaching Ideas)

President Obama spoke today at opening of The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. You can read more about it at this Washington Post article, African American Museum opening: ‘This place is more than a building. It is a dream come true.’

I’ve embedded the video of his speech (he begins at the nine minute mark) at the bottom of this post. Here’s the transcript.

He talks a lot at the beginning about the importance of story-telling and what he says meshes very well with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s popular TED Talk, “The Danger Of A Single Story.” Many teachers use it in the classroom now, and I think portions of the President’s speech would be an excellent addition to those lessons.

You can find more info on that idea in two previous posts:

“the danger of not having your own stories”

Useful TED-Ed Lesson On “The Danger of a Single Story”

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources On The Smithsonian’s African-American Museum.

September 24, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Classroom Instruction Resources Of The Week

Each week, I publish a post containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all here.

You might also be interested in The Best Articles (And Blog Posts) Offering Practical Advice & Resources To Teachers In 2015 – So Far and The Best Resources On Class Instruction of 2016 – So Far.

Here are this week’s picks:

Teaching and Learning With the 2016 Presidential Debates is from The New York Times Learning Network, and has excellent teaching ideas and hand-outs. I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Learn About The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

The New York Times, apart from the Learning Network, is now inviting students to send them an email about what they would do If I Were President.

This Middleweb piece offers a useful worksheet on paraphrasing. You can see my previous posts on the same topic here.

Two Writing Teachers write about small groups in the classroom. One interesting idea is having students sign-up for mini-seminars on specific topics.

September 24, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

Very Good Interview With Literacy Expert Tim Shanahan

You’ll definitely want to read an interview Doug Lemov recently did with literacy expert Tim Shanahan, A Few Minutes With Literacy Expert Tim Shanahan.

Though you’ll want to read the entire piece, the section on reading strategies was clearly the most valuable part – at least, to me.

Here’s an excerpt:


I’ve shared other pieces by Shanahan in the past, and you can see those posts here.

I’m adding info on this new interview to The Best Posts On Reading Strategies & Comprehension – Help Me Find More!

September 24, 2016
by Larry Ferlazzo

“Watch The Debates” Is New PBS News Hour Interactive


Watch The Debates lets you view all the Presidential debates since 1960, including clips categorized by subject. You can then indicate your thoughts about what is being said, and compare your reactions to others.

It’s unclear to me how quickly they will upload this year’s debates. Even if it takes awhile, though, it’s a very useful site for classes.

I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Learn About The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

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