Wabble is a new online version of Scrabble where students can either join an open game with others around the world or they can create their own game limiting it to those with whom they want to play.  It comes with its own online dictionary.  It’s more appropriate for intermediate or advanced students.  You can find it near the bottom of the Word Games section in the Intermediate/Advanced English page of my website.

I find it appealing because it will enable my students to play a game with each other, and not just with the computer.  Obviously, they can also engage with each other by playing the board game.  The online dictionary aspect of this game just makes the checking of words a little faster and less cumbersome.

Even though they will still be in front of a computer, I plan on having the players in their game sit next to each other in the computer lab.  You can find out a little more about my feelings that a large portion of computer usage in the English Language Learner classroom needs to be geared towards promoting face-to-fact interaction among students by reading Family Literacy, Computers, and ESL.