Pick and Click is a fun and simple game to help beginning students learn vocabulary.  It comes from TVO Kids, a Canadian children’s television and online network.  You first can click on the theme of the words you want to learn about (for example, animals); then you’ll see a short video teaching vocabulary related to the topic; then there will be a short picture/text/audio review of the words, which is then follwed by a fun “test.”

I’ve put the link to this site near the bottom of Vocabulary on the English Beginner/Early Intermediate page on my website.  I’ve placed a number of other activities from TVO Kids throughout the various pages on my site.  When you go to see Pick and Click, you might want to look directly at some of their other learning games.  I’ve never been able to get their Parent/Educator page work very well, though, so you might need to just search through it on your own.