Travelago is designed to sell vacations, but also has a lot of good videos that tell you about different countries in the world.  Granted, the videos are designed to “sell” those locations, and the audio is spoken pretty quickly, but the visuals alone are good to help English Language Learners gain a little understanding of geography.  Last week I had my students describe verbally and in writing what they saw.

There are several other travel video sites on the web, but the others seem to have inappropriate content as well.  They all seemed to only have user-generated content that was not moderated, so you didn’t really know what you’d find.  It doesn’t look like this would be a problem with Travelago.

If your school has a subscription to United Streaming, though, you can probably find even better geography videos.

I have a link to Travelago entitled “Travel Videos” near the bottom of the Sites That Cover Many Areas section of my Geography page.