I’ve recently added a number of new links to the Math category on my English Themes for Beginners and Early Immediate page.  The ones I’ve added all, in my opinion, contribute both to math and English language development.  In addition to being interactive, most of the new links also show text and have audio of that same text.  A few don’t, but I included them anyway because they just seemed like a lot fun! The new links are at the bottom of the listings under that category.

I just began being a little more intentional about this section on my site. A math teacher recently asked me for some advice on how to reach some of his students (many whom are mine, as well) who were having some challenges with his class content.  One of my recommendations was that he have them try a few links on my site, and that apparently has worked out quite well.

I will be developing a new page on my site over the next few months that will be focused only on math — both for English Language Learners and native-English speakers.  My school is going to use our successful ESL Lab as a model for creating a Math Lab, and they’ve asked me to create a site of categorized links the students can use.