I’ve placed links to two separate sites that show short instructional videos generated by Internet users.  One is called Video Jug and the other is Life Videopedia.  The topics range from kite-flying to tech.  One thing I particularly like is that they both provide captions to the videos, though they are not necessarily word-for-word.  Based on the few videos I watched, Video Jug seems to do a better job with the text.

They both appear to be well-moderated — at least I didn’t see any obviously inappropriate videos when I quickly looked through them both.

I’ve placed them both in the Video category of the English For Beginners page.

One added bonus with Video Jug is that they have a fair number of older videos of world events.  I’ve placed the link to that section of their website on my World History page under Sites That Cover Many Periods of World History and titled it “History Videos.”