I recently discovered a site called KidsKnowIt, a network that has several other sites connected to it, including ones for spelling, math, biology, and geography.  Each subject area has games, pictures, and simple text. 

It’s well done, and I have linked several of their sections to parts of my website.  Their Kidsspell page has a link at the bottom of the Spelling   category of the English for Intermediate and Advanced page (there is no audio, though high-beginners would be able access the text, too).  One neat feature is that teachers and students can create their own spelling lists which will be saved to the site.  Then, students can play spelling games using those unique lists.

I also have linked their excellent Latitude and Longitude Game to the Introduction to Maps section of my Geography page.  I’ve placed it at the bottom of that category.  Remember that you can find most new links at the bottom of each category list.

Finally, I’ve linked their Animal Site to the Animals category on the English Themes for Beginners and Early Intermediate page.

They will have a History site in May, 2007, and I will also be linking their math activities to the newly revised math page I am creating for our school’s Math Lab.