AuthorStream is a new online application that allows you to easily upload PowerPoint presentations to its site.  Your PowerPoint can then be accessed online.  It’s somewhat similar to the the Scribd site that I’ve raved about this month.  Scribd, though,  is very accessible to even very Begining English Language Learners.  AuthorStream would be the next “step up.”

With AuthorStream you can make a PowerPoint presentation on your computer and then easily upload it to their site.  So, first, students need to learn how to use PowerPoint.   AuthorStream will also allow you to upload audio with the PowerPoint, so you need to know how to add audio to your PowerPoint, too.   You can get instructions on how students can do that by going to various links on my Teacher’s Page under Creating Online Talking Books.  Under their F.A.Q.’s AuthorStream says they give instructions on how to do this, but the answer is “under construction” (it’s a very new site).

The great thing about this site is that they will host the PowerPoint, which eliminates that teacher responsibility.

I’ve placed the link on the Examples of Student Work page and entitled it Student Talking Books.

Of course, you can also eliminate using the audio option and have students make interesting and attractive books that are not “talking.”