The vast majority of my website has links geared towards English Language Learners.  However, I also have an entirely different section of the site that has categorized links designed for more fluent English speakers and readers.   However, because my site didn’t necessarily grow logically, there are quite a few links in that section that would also be appropriate for high-beginners and intermediate English Language Learners.

Today, I’d like to draw your attention to my Science page and its section on Inventions.  We’re studying Inventions in my U.S. History class for English Language Learners, and I had them go to these links and identify six inventions and then write two sentences — one telling how they each have affected their lives and who invented it and when.  They then made a poster highlighting the information, which they shared verbally in class.

To add further confusion to everything, please don’t confuse this Science page with my other Science page (accessed through the main English page) that has thousands of science-related links that are very accessible to English Language Learners.